days three and four, a beautiful combination

But first, a bit of a diversion…

We never did really figure out what the deal was with Eric the other night but he kind of half climbed into Mom’s lap and then wiggled until she supported his back bits. It was almost as if her lap wasn’t in the right configuration but he really wanted to sit there. Regardless, proof that cats are mostly liquid. He stayed that way for quite awhile.

On to the knitting.

Yesterday I took Lancelot to a doc appointment and got some excellent knitting time in the waiting room. I was also sporting one of my favorite knit sweaters.

The colors are much nicer than the picture shows. The light in doc offices is just horrid. Anyway, this is a short sleeved raglan that was kind of an un-pattern. I used a Plymouth yarn that’s similar to Noro Silk Garden. The striping is lovely. It’s quite cropped and a very funky sort of piece, which is why I love it.

In addition to wearing a lovely knit yesterday I was also working on one.

This is “Close to You” in Mad Tosh. I can’t remember the name of the color but it’s a beautiful aqua. I’m making this for Kath, the woman I traveled to India with.

So, that brings us to today. This time we have a very basic shawl, total un-pattern, with inexpensive yarn.

I used a ball of Lion Brand “Shawl in a Ball” that has a thread of metallic aqua filament running through it. The pattern is an asymmetrical triangle with increases on just one side. I decided to fasten it in the front very simply with my favorite purple flower brooch.

Life has been quite interesting lately. I’m starting grad school at the end of the month, finals here are next week, there’s stuff to get ready for the spring semester, we’re moving my grandmother to a nursing home… And I have yet to start Christmas crafting. Oy.

I’m off work tomorrow to spend a little extra time with Lancelot. We’re going to a concert tomorrow night and we have some errands to run before we go out. I do have another knit piece lined up to wear and I’ll have my laptop with me so I do plan to blog again tomorrow. Tomorrow’s piece is lots of fun. In case you hadn’t noticed I have a thing for lots of fun color.


day two, in which I cheat

That is not, in fact, a knitted thing but rather a crocheted thing. I can’t remember the name of the pattern, something like Dragon Wing I think, or anything about the yarn other than it’s sock yarn and super soft.

Not much else to say today. Things around here are weird, which is becoming the new normal. Good thing I thrive on this nonsense.

the week of knitted things

It’s a whole 24F here right now and I don’t think the high temp for the day is much higher. Over the weekend we got 6 or so inches of snow. This is Winter, and winter in the Midwest frequently sucks. So I’m going to combat the suck with some lovely handknits.

The plus side of Lancelot working overtime Friday night was that Mom and I went shopping together. I got a few things for my nieces for Christmas and got myself some solid color, long sleeved T-shirts. I find these to be ideal for showing off knit shawls.

That was actually taken on Friday. Not only was I sporting a shawl I knit but also a beautiful shield brooch Lancelot got me in Weston as well as a pair of Josephine knot earrings I got in Branson. Beautiful outfit all the way around.

This morning it’s navy blue with a different shawl. Today is also blue jeans and knock-off UGG boots because of the intense cold and the snow.

My plan is to wear something I’ve knit every day this week and post a picture. It’s not like I’ve got a shortage of choices. I have at least one I can think of that I haven’t even worn yet, and I know that because it still needs the ends woven in.

I took that picture the morning I left for India. I was petrified. All of the potentially horrible things that could happen while I was gone just kept swirling through my head. I think maybe you can see the sheer terror on my face.

But not on Lancelot. He’s grinning like a fool. He (and everyone else in all honesty) knew that I was capable of doing this and doing it well.

Everyone but me.

One of the most cruel jokes the mental brain plays on us is stripping away our confidence in ourselves, making us feel that we aren’t deserving or capable. But one of the greatest gifts it’s given me is empathy for others and the ability to be a champion for someone.

Life is not always perfect, and the world is not always kind, but I will strive to enjoy what I have as long as I have it.

obviously I lied

First things first, the trip was AMAZING. The flights, not so much, but I arrived unscathed. Exhausted, but good. I was able to travel with a wonderful woman from our university and we became fast friends. It was so nice to have someone with me on the traveling parts of the adventure.

Once we started the workshop I was in my element. I love sharing what I know about educational best practices and I’m allegedly good at it. The group we were working with were truly wonderful people.

All in all I would have to say that this was the most positive, life-changing event of my life.

In the “closer to home” category of news, I officially got into grad school round 2. I found out while I was in India. I shared the news with the group and was treated to a celebratory dinner during which I promptly got sick as a dog.

Also, there have been talks with Lancelot and I about the definitions of particular nouns. Who knew that “lilac” and “lavender” were really the same fucking color? Communication kids, it’s the key to literally everything.

At any rate, I’m settling back in to “normal” life. I’ve come to realize that 2019 will be anything but. I’m going to Ireland in March, Dubai in April, and then an as yet undetermined international destination in November. For the girl who hadn’t left the country in 25 years this could be terrifying, but it’s not.

Bring it.

and for my next encore…

I’m working on getting all the last bits and pieces wrapped up at home and at work. I feel pretty solid about the packing. I’ve got a few more things to do at work but I feel good about that, too. Right now I’m eating what should have been breakfast even though it’s after 1pm. But honestly, rice pudding with blueberries can be eaten anytime.

I actually feel pretty calm and collected right now, at least about this trip. Yes, this trip. There’s another trip in the works now. It’s hush-hush right now because I’m not sure about the funding but my colleague and I submitted a proposal to present at a conference and we got accepted. We actually got the email this morning at the same time and collided mid-hug in the hallway. Nothing like a couple of girls hugging and jumping and screaming in an office. It’s going to be another amazing trip and this time over my birthday. And Lancelot is going to try to come with me.

Speaking of Lancelot, I’m going to be taking his cat stuffie friend Daryl with me on my trip. You’re familiar with the roaming gnome? Yeah, like that only with a small smartass looking cat. I’ll be photographing him all over the place. Brace yourselves.

I will do my best to keep updating here during my trip. If I can’t you can rest assured that there will be a metric shit-ton of pictures when I get back.

Be good to each other….

the first of the lasts

“just to warn you, mama is about to get weird”

I don’t even pretend to understand why my strange little brain works the way it does, why bother. But on the drive to work this morning (thank dog that only lasts about 15 minutes or else we’d be in serious kimchee) I realized that I’m about to embark on a series of very minor “lasts.” Minor in that they aren’t permanent. Oh hell, let me illustrate…

Tonight is the last night I’ll sleep in my own bed until November 25th.

I put gas in the car for the last time this morning until (not sure with this one).

Tomorrow will be my last day at work until November 28th.

Friday is my last day in the US until November 24th.

And the biggest one right now… Friday is the last day I will see Mom and Lancelot until November 24th.

I’ll talk to both of them every day, I know this. I’ve setup to be able to call from India and both of them have schedules such that it shouldn’t be an issue. But I’ll miss them both terribly.

I will also miss the little orange menaces. They know something is going on because of the suitcases and the near perpetual mess on my bed in the evenings. I think Eric has maybe been trying to figure out how to stowaway in my bag. He’s got a thing for getting into bags and boxes.

At any rate, I think I’m in pretty good shape. I did decide to switch to the tiny carry-on suitcase and the backpack. It’s a lot more flexibility and it means I don’t have to pack an empty bag in case I buy too much stuff. Mom is going to help me do a double-check tonight to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I think all that’s really left are the few bits that can’t be packed until the last minute.

one of those mornings

The packing is coming along, though I realized this morning that my best bet may be to take a backpack and small carry-on suitcase in addition to the larger checked bag. I’m still not sold on this idea, but it’s sounding more appealing. I’ll examine more tonight when I start putting the pharmaceutical portion of my baggage together.

Clothing, jewelry, shoes, snacks, and my overnight bag for Thursday is all done. So that counts for something I think.

This morning I woke up around 4:30, about the time Lancelot finished him lunch break I think. And that was fine, I was rested by that point and ready to get up. I had time to finish the second hat, yay!, and make a smoothie and my bed. It felt productive and productive is good.

I’ve been trying to work on my communication skills lately, as in getting back to being able to talk about things like a grown-up and not throw temper tantrums. I feel like I’m making good progress, but I will say that there are still just some times when I’d prefer to punch people in the fucking throat.

In the “things that don’t make me want to throat punch someone” category… It’s not officially official until they send the letters later this week, but a little bird told me I’ve been accepted to grad school.

I’m really kind of starting to wonder what the fuck I’m getting myself into. I’ve done grad school once before, but I was obviously younger. Do I really still have the chops to do this? Am I honestly talented enough to do a writing program like this?

I talked to the one program coordinator this morning and he told me that he had read my application and that I had nothing to worry about, they were impressed. But still. I have a lot of years of thinking that I’m shit at this stuff that I’ll be fighting against.

Gotta try though.