When we went to the conference in July there was karaoke as one of the evening events. I wasn’t quite drunk enough to be comfortable getting up in front of a bar full of strangers and singing, although later that same night I did some crazy dancing in front of strangers. Anyway, it’s been bothering me. My excuse that night, aside from a lack of sufficient moonshine, was that I couldn’t think of The Right Song. And of course since then I’ve thought of about a thousand.

I’ve only actually done karaoke once, at a tiny country bar with my second husband. I’m pretty sure I sang “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. It’s a great song. The one above by Pink is too. And so is “I Am Waking Up Today” by Bowling for Soup, and “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison, and pretty much anything by Flogging Molly.

Way back I actually could and did sing, quite well. I was in choir at school and loved it. I sang constantly. When I was diagnosed with bipolar and started taking lithium I lost my pitch. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket these days. Pretty well the only time I sing is when I’m alone, in the car or the shower. I’m just way too self-conscious about the way I sound.

But I shouldn’t be. I sound the way I sound. I’m good at lots of things, I don’t have to be good at everything.

So next time the opportunity to go out and do karaoke presents itself I have every intention of raising my glass.

4 thoughts on “karaoke”

  1. I sing all the time, I haven’t a reason not to and because others say it’s terrible … well that is why they shouldn’t listen and not a reason for me to stop singing. It makes me feel uplifted and happy and silly. Keep on keeping on I say and it does make others laugh which can’t be bad.

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  2. I’ve been reading all your posts this morning so I’m all caught up. Glad I found you here.
    I stopped being able to sing as well, think it was the smoking, but now I’ve quit I’m hoping my voice returns a bit.
    I only sang karaoke once, I think I’d get up in front of my friends, but I’m not sure about strangers lol

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