an honest to jeebus update

After waiting nearly NINETY MINUTES past when my appointment was scheduled for I finally got to meet the doctor. She had yet to see the images taken when I was in the ER but based on the information she did have she feels fairly certain that this is not cancer. But it’s coming out. In fact, it’s coming out on December 5th. I’m quite please by this because 1) I’ve almost hit the deductible for my health insurance and B) Earl’s gotta die. Yes, I named the cyst. Shush.

if you have to spend several hours in a medical facility with the word CANCER emblazoned on it, it might as well be gorgeous

I have every intention of getting my poo in a pile between now and then. I also might have a new stuff polar bear to keep me company just in case my outpatient surgery ends up requiring a bigger incision and we have a 4 night slumber party. But I can neither confirm nor deny that.

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