i would give up but mama didn’t raise no quitter

Today was the much anticipated needle biopsy. And by much anticipated I mean the event that I would most rather have had swapped with one in which I had a pap smear done by Captain Hook.

It’s no secret that I both have a total of 15 tattoos and a ridiculously high tolerance for pain. I went home the same day when I had my partial hysterectomy and took nothing stronger than Tylenol for it and when I had plastic surgery done on both legs at the same time I took nothing for the pain because that’s when we discovered that I’m allergic to hydrocodone. I can deal.

Does anyone else hum loudly and off key when trying to deal with pain? No? Just me then.

Fortunately it didn’t take all that long. Unfortunately I was awake for all of it AND I was squished in the mammogram machine the whole time. That’s how they know where the needle should be. And while they pumped me full of lidocaine to help numb the pain I got to sit perfectly still.

In all seriousness, ladies, go get your mammogram when you hit 40. This sucker is so damn tiny they had to re position me twice to find it again which means if it is cancer it should be easy to take care of. Knowing is always better than not knowing.

One thought on “i would give up but mama didn’t raise no quitter”

  1. Ah the mammogram machine of pain. I know it well. Damn man must have invented it! So glad you got it done and I’m sure it’s nothing. I had a scare a couple of years ago when I found a lump. Turned out to be nothing too. Sure is scary until you find out though! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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