mental musings

It’s no secret that I have a mental illness. I actually have multiple official diagnoses. I take medication every day, I see a therapist on a regular basis, I’m under the care of a psychiatrist. People who don’t know me well or only know me professionally wouldn’t know any of that based on any outward signs. I choose to take care of my mental health much as I take care of my physical health.  I would guess that most folks with mental illness, those receiving treatment anyway, feel approximately the same.

Mental illness is first and foremost an illness. There is something about the body, in our case the brain, that doesn’t work right. If I had diabetes it would be my pancreas in need of support. But it’s no different.

Only it is.

No one would ever tell a diabetic that s/he shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun because of their illness.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

I don’t want a gun, that’s not what I’m saying. I sold my rifle because I stopped going target shooting before my grandfather died more than 20 years ago. I learned to shoot, to reload bullets, proper respect for firearms at a young age. I’m not comfortable having a gun. But that’s my decision to make.

Y’all know where I’m going with this.

These are my opinions:

  • Teachers have enough to do without worrying about carrying a gun
  • If teachers did carry guys that would save the mass shooters the trouble of buying the guns
  • What about the poor kid who’s being bullied and snaps while at school? If the teachers have guns, see above
  • Don’t judge us by our diagnoses – we are 2.5x more likely to be VICTIMS
  • If there was easier access to mental health care maybe some of this shit wouldn’t happen

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