happy hump day y’all

Welcome to day 3 of the Fall Semester! Crayons are on your left, straight-jackets on the right, please don’t lick the windows…

Seriously though, the last late night is now behind me for awhile and life should start to settle down. My sleep schedule is getting back to normal which is fabulous and I’ve even started knitting again. Admittedly I’m just knitting washcloths, but still. I’m hell bent on using up all of that cotton yarn before I move on to other projects.

I was thinking last night that I should take a few pictures. One, all of the washcloths I’ve already made that need to be seamed and have the ends woven in. It’s a double-digit number. And two, all of the other projects I’ve started working on but haven’t finished yet. I don’t think that’s a double-digit but I wouldn’t put it past myself.

On the work scene, I am officially housed in my new office but I still don’t have my desk which means I’m still not really moved in. So that kind of stinks. But it’s coming and will hopefully arrive soon. Things are going fairly well here otherwise. I had a faculty friend deliver a little bag of goodies yesterday which was a super lovely surprise.

random fabulous goodness

There are bubbles, silly putty, glow in the dark stars, and I can’t remember what else. But amazingly cool.

Also amazingly cool, Lancelot is coming to my office on Friday to visit me. I’m so excited to get to introduce him to my co-workers that I could just squee!!! Hei hei and Petey Panda are also excited.

ok, so maybe they’re excited about something else…

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