weekend update with your host, the random one…

It really has been quite the weekend. Good time with my man, got to watch the kidlets compete, some shopping with Mom, and then this morning there was bonus boy time. It was quite delightful if not entirely exhausting.

I also got knitting done. Who knew, right? My younger niece had gotten me a gorgeous skein of yarn for my birthday. It’s a Donegal yarn that she brought back from their Ireland trip. I have one skein so I wanted to do something special with it.

It’s almost finished now, just needs a small seam done and a button. It’s a braided cable headband for winter. It was a super easy knit and it’s absolutely stunning.

My next project is the Alpine Meadow hat for my mom, followed by a basic beanie for Lancelot. I have the yarn for her hat, need to order some for him.

knit me some mousies, i’m sad

The kittens have been extra lovey lately, but then the weather here has been extra turbulent.

Time to go prep for the coming week. And wind yarn. I did want to real quick share that I finally found a use for those exes…

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