There’s a ton of stuff I should be doing, like a literal ton. I need to be working on my grad school app, there are million projects around the house, things I need to do to get ready for my vacation, you name it. But here I am. Why?

Because purple aliens don’t wear tinfoil hats.

Actually that isn’t quite true. I’m getting burned out just a little. I’m at that place where I’m trying to do too many things and so some stuff is suffering. Because of this I’m trying to do things a little different. Still hustlin’, just different.

We are obnoxiously cute, yes? Totally yes. We had a wonderful weekend together. Way too much good food, I cooked breakfast, a trip to an Asian market, and a trip to World Market. I may have also gotten him to dance in the living room. Maybe.

Yesterday I had to pretend to be a grown-up again. We went to a conference in Missouri. It was good but it made for a long day.

Today Lancelot and I figured out how to make Facebook video calls between our phones. I’ve scoped out the scene for international calling while I’m in India but I know that NINE DAMN DAYS is too long to go without seeing him at all. So that was really quite nice. I suspect it’s going to make the time between weekends a little easier to handle as well.

Eric has been enjoying the cooler weather and sunshine.




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