the proof is in the purple

Or is that pudding? I never can remember…

That is the current knitting project. It’s called something like One Skein Wonder and the yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Tonal. It’s beyond pretty and stupid simple. I love, love, LOVE it.

Last night I decided to tackle a few of the little annoying projects around the house and was really pleased with myself that I managed to get shit done. YAY ME!!!

The weather here has been cooler so I’ve been opening the window for the boys. The firmly believe that they’re guarding the castle. Too cute.

Apparently this morning they talked my mom into giving them wet kitty food and Eric was afraid it was going to wander off. Silly boy.

This afternoon is therapy and I’m really quite excited. I love my therapist, our visits are a lot like girlfriends just shooting the shit with some nuggets of brilliant advice thrown in. I haven’t seen her since Lancelot and I started dating so I have all of that excitement to share with her.

Speaking of brilliant advice – start your day with Dropkick Murphys. Nothing like “Rose Tattoo” to get the day going.

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