straightening things out

I’m not really much of a “girlie” girl. I’m not into soft colors, lots of makeup, fussy hair, none of that.

I am much more like Hilda; free-spirited, comfortable in my own skin (most of the time), a little awkward, and a little on the chubby side.

Hilda is classic pin-up and, even though she’s a fictional character, she’s a hero in my world.

But I digress…

Lancelot and I got things worked out. Talking, communicating really, is the key to any relationship, be it romantic or professional. We both agreed that texting is often the problem with us. Work is being done, by both of us. I am quite optimistic.

The other bit of straightening out has to do solely with me.

I love this haircut and I love the contrast between the dark purple and the blonde bangs. The thing that was making me unhappy was I have yet to find a hair product that would spike up the back and straighten out the bangs, and actually last all day. I had to resort to drastic measures and purchase a flat iron. I adore it. I think the results are quite lovely.

I’m still working to finish the purple shawl. I hope to have that done yet this week so that next week I can work on Lancelot’s hat while we’re on vacation together. We do now have plans to take a trip and stay at what looks to be a very romantic little B&B. I can’t wait.


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