random observations

I can’t explain the way my brain works because I don’t even understand it, but here goes…

I have therapy after work today. I always get there early and I always take a knitting project. It’s a way to start conversation with someone, if they’re so inclined. I’m friendly. It works. The project today will be the hat for Lancelot, heretofore known as The Hat That Will Not Die. Honest to fuck, there are only TWENTY decrease rounds, there is no logical reason that this is taking so long!!!

Another shitty selfie but I wanted to show off not only the shawl, which I of course can’t remember the name of the pattern (Seabird?) or the yarn (literally got nothing on that), but also the utterly beautiful handmade Celtic shield brooch that Lancelot got me on our trip.

Part of my random observations this morning were that in the span of the two months we’ve been together the only piece of jewelry he hasn’t given me is a bracelet. (no honey, I’m not complaining, this is beyond generous…)

I printed new pictures to bring to the office this morning. I now have a lovely print of Lancelot smiling at me like he often does. I also have a seriously silly picture of him from the night he let me braid his beard. That one is tacked to the cork board kind of nestled in with the panda enclave. It’s hilarious.

Everything is hilarious today. Ya know why? Because I got some sleep. SLEEP I SAY!

Oh, apparently I am an expert. This frightens me. No one asked me if I wanted to be.

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