I have plenty of things I could show you today, but nothing I really can show you. Makes total sense, right?

I feel pretty today. Those are not words I utter often. But I am wearing all of the jewelry Lancelot has given me with the exception of the brooch I wore the other day. The earrings and necklace are perfect with a beautiful emerald green blouse I have. And honestly, how could a Celtic knot ring not look good? Especially next to a big ass Moonstone solitare. Ok, one picture…

Yes, his ring is on my middle finger. It is NOT an engagement ring. It’s a token of love intended to remind me of him when we’re apart. I very purposely selected it to fit that finger. And I love it.

Anyway, I know he reads this blog and he said he wanted to be surprised this afternoon when he sees me, so no pic of the rest. But for me to even think I look pretty, this is progress.

Other things that are progress would include the finished hat for him. I purposely didn’t take a picture of that since it’s a gift (of sorts) and he hasn’t seen it yet. But it turned out perfect and I know he’ll love it. It’s the Basic Beanie pattern I’ve used a million times. It’s well written, easy to follow, adaptable to any yarn, and always turns out great.

I’ve been looking for patterns to take on the trip. I definitely want something that I already have the yarn for, which shouldn’t be a problem given my stash. I’m also thinking I want something that will only take a single skein, just for ease of travel.

Yesterday I spent a little time switching a few things around in my office. I hadn’t put out a few treasures when I settled in to the new space and I realized that I really missed them. I think my work space really is cozy and professional at the same time.

It’s a Frisky Friday, go on and frolic…

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