12 notes

Mama, are you in there?

I do actually have some legit stuff to talk about, but I need to vent a little first. Bear with me.

I took my laptop home this weekend so I could do a few things. This isn’t something I do too often, but it’s not unheard of. I was good and early this morning, feeling pretty good about getting up in plenty of time, right until I walked into my office with just my purse and my coffee and saw my empty desk.

My empty fucking desk where my laptop should have been. Only it wasn’t. It was still in my backpack in the back of my car.

Ok, put my office keys around my neck, duck out the side door, back to the parking garage to get my backpack out of the car. The side door is a one-way deal. You can go out but you can’t get back in. The very second I heard the latch click was when I remembered that my car keys were in my purse, not my coat pocket.

Out the door, around the building, back into the office, get the car keys, out to the garage, and finally back.

I should have worn my fucking Fitbit today.

On to the legit content…

Lancelot loved the hat and actually asked for another, identical, hat. When it gets really cold out he evidently layers hats. Not a problem, I had left the yarn and all the necessary supplies in their bag. I just need to cast on, 128 stitches, and start again.

The title of today’s post, a little more obscure than is typical even for me, but is sitting with me. I went with Mom yesterday and saw “A Star is Born.” I’m not going to spoil anything here, there are plenty of websites that will happily do that for you. The end is sad but it has to be. The story is very well told and the music is amazing. I do highly recommend it.

There is a scene towards the end where Bobby, the main character, Jack’s, brother, comments that Jack always said everyone gets the same 12 notes in an octave and that’s all you really have to tell your story.

As a writer I have the same 26 letters that I can combine with some punctuation to tell my story.

The real question, Jack’s question and mine now, what do you have to say? That’s what I’ll be working on.

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