so there I was, hip deep in spent bubble gum wrappers and down to my last Snickers bar when suddenly…

I ain’t gonna lie, I hurt right now. Our weather has turned cold and damp and the arthritic bits in my back do NOT like it one bit. And for some reason today I am shaking like I’m coming off a week long cheap whiskey and cigar fueled bender.

Which I am not. But that doesn’t sound half bad right now. Just sayin.

I’m making good progress with the trip preparations. I think I might have finally decided on the knitting projects to take with which is apparently proving a more difficult task than deciding which clothes to take. Who knew. But I’ve found two rather different wrap-style patterns that should provide some interest while not require too much skull sweat. Now to decide on the yarn. Oy.

Lancelot’s hat got some love last night. I’m hoping to that done yet this week. I’m guessing it might get cold enough for him to want both hats while I’m gone. Besides, I’d like to have it done just for the sake of having it done.

Today I’m going to see the eye specialist. I have glaucoma that they’re treating with drops right now so I go in every six months to make sure that I’m still making the kind of progress they want. It’s been good so far. Just kind of wondering if they’ll have the young smart ass guy taking care of me. He’s fun to torment.

Not much else exciting going on other than in an attempt to unfuck my Google calendar I managed to make it almost worse. I had double added everything from my Outlook calendar so I tried to export my personal entries, delete everything, and then import the personal stuff back. Except I evidently didn’t export right. Doh. Only me.

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