obviously I lied

First things first, the trip was AMAZING. The flights, not so much, but I arrived unscathed. Exhausted, but good. I was able to travel with a wonderful woman from our university and we became fast friends. It was so nice to have someone with me on the traveling parts of the adventure.

Once we started the workshop I was in my element. I love sharing what I know about educational best practices and I’m allegedly good at it. The group we were working with were truly wonderful people.

All in all I would have to say that this was the most positive, life-changing event of my life.

In the “closer to home” category of news, I officially got into grad school round 2. I found out while I was in India. I shared the news with the group and was treated to a celebratory dinner during which I promptly got sick as a dog.

Also, there have been talks with Lancelot and I about the definitions of particular nouns. Who knew that “lilac” and “lavender” were really the same fucking color? Communication kids, it’s the key to literally everything.

At any rate, I’m settling back in to “normal” life. I’ve come to realize that 2019 will be anything but. I’m going to Ireland in March, Dubai in April, and then an as yet undetermined international destination in November. For the girl who hadn’t left the country in 25 years this could be terrifying, but it’s not.

Bring it.

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