days three and four, a beautiful combination

But first, a bit of a diversion…

We never did really figure out what the deal was with Eric the other night but he kind of half climbed into Mom’s lap and then wiggled until she supported his back bits. It was almost as if her lap wasn’t in the right configuration but he really wanted to sit there. Regardless, proof that cats are mostly liquid. He stayed that way for quite awhile.

On to the knitting.

Yesterday I took Lancelot to a doc appointment and got some excellent knitting time in the waiting room. I was also sporting one of my favorite knit sweaters.

The colors are much nicer than the picture shows. The light in doc offices is just horrid. Anyway, this is a short sleeved raglan that was kind of an un-pattern. I used a Plymouth yarn that’s similar to Noro Silk Garden. The striping is lovely. It’s quite cropped and a very funky sort of piece, which is why I love it.

In addition to wearing a lovely knit yesterday I was also working on one.

This is “Close to You” in Mad Tosh. I can’t remember the name of the color but it’s a beautiful aqua. I’m making this for Kath, the woman I traveled to India with.

So, that brings us to today. This time we have a very basic shawl, total un-pattern, with inexpensive yarn.

I used a ball of Lion Brand “Shawl in a Ball” that has a thread of metallic aqua filament running through it. The pattern is an asymmetrical triangle with increases on just one side. I decided to fasten it in the front very simply with my favorite purple flower brooch.

Life has been quite interesting lately. I’m starting grad school at the end of the month, finals here are next week, there’s stuff to get ready for the spring semester, we’re moving my grandmother to a nursing home… And I have yet to start Christmas crafting. Oy.

I’m off work tomorrow to spend a little extra time with Lancelot. We’re going to a concert tomorrow night and we have some errands to run before we go out. I do have another knit piece lined up to wear and I’ll have my laptop with me so I do plan to blog again tomorrow. Tomorrow’s piece is lots of fun. In case you hadn’t noticed I have a thing for lots of fun color.

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