you’re just going to have to take my word for it

I really did wear one of my hand knit creations on Friday. And I really did completely forget to take a picture. It was quite the day. We had breakfast at Panera, got Lancelot some new bedding, got me some new leggings, and then did the grocery shopping. It was a very full morning.

Friday night was the concert. We are quite fortunate that an absolutely amazing Beatles tribute band that started here does a run of shows every year at this time. Their shows are all request, so when you walk in you can write your request on a little slip of paper and they may play it. If they do you have to tell them why you requested it. Super fun. So I requested “All My Love” and said that it was for (Lancelot). When Billy, the lead singer, asked me about it I just pointed at my fella. And then I put my arm around him and sang to him while they played.

I believe he enjoyed it

I’ve actually never seen him turn quite that shade of red, nor have I seen him smile like that before. It was incredibly sweet and I’m glad they picked my song. Plus it’s fitting.

On 12/28 I will head south for my first grad program residency and I’ll be gone 10 days. While I’m gone I’ll be sending all my love to him through texts and hopefully some calls. It certainly shouldn’t be as complicated to connect as it often was while I was in India.

Right now I’m working to wrap up the semester here. Life is hectic as hell. I’m still trying to finish the shawl and now I have a hard deadline since we have a lunch date on Friday. Oy.

And now, gratuitous kitty porn. We went to a craft show on Saturday and got the boys each a catnip carrot. They love them.

He was laying in a box of blankets from my grandmother’s house that Mom is going to donate to the vet’s office. Look at those beautiful little toe beans.

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