it’s the final countdown

Things that are not done yet:

  • the shawl for Kath
  • the Christmas shopping
  • the Christmas cards
  • several projects at work
  • preparations for my residency (because I still don’t have the damn schedule)

I’m trying not to worry about any of this too much. I saw Kath for lunch on Friday and showed her a picture of the shawl and told her it would be hers in January. She seemed quite touched.

As for the rest of the shopping, it’s not like I haven’t started, it’s just not done yet. I think I have a plan for most of it, just need to get my ass in gear. The cards are basically just going to my co-workers and a few friends, but the friends won’t mind if they get them before Christmas or sometime in February. (the best kind of friends are like that)

The work stuff will hopefully get done this week. This semester is a bit strange in that finals were last week but the university is still open this week due to when the holidays happen. So we have a week when there are essentially no students and very few faculty. It’s a great time to get stuff done, and that’s totally my plan.

I’ve also been trying to get some preliminary planning done for the trips next year. Since our current health insurance was willing to write off the vaccinations I needed for India I figured I would get the second Hep A shot and then see what I would need for Dubai and get that done before the end of the year. Turns out they recommend the same shots so YAY! I get that done on the 27th. I also see my therapist one more time and the dermatologist. So much fun I can hardly stand it.

Things with Lancelot are going quite well. We had a great time together this weekend even if it was short. I picked him up Saturday morning from work since he had to work overtime and then we got a few things done at his place before I left to have breakfast with Santa, a fundraiser for my nieces’ baton group. Then Mom and I went and checked out a few craft shows and ran a couple of errands before I dropped her off and went back to take a bit of a nap with L. He’s my teddy bear.

Mommy had a very busy weekend and that makes me tired

Both boys like to sleep right there on my bed. On the nightstand is where the phone lays every night and I have a white noise generator going that sounds like a kitty purring. They’ll fight over who gets to sleep closer to it. Last night little Garth crawled into bed before I did.

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