smells like progress

In spite of feeling mostly like garbage lately I have managed to make some progress. The shawl for Kath is lacking only the bind off at this point. Big YAY there. I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to block it or not. I’ll get a picture, hopefully tonight. Need to decide which project gets love next.

I’ve finally gotten a little more information about my school residency, including my first set of “worksheets” to read. My packet was hand-delivered by one of the coordinators, a woman I’ve known for absolute ages, and it came with hugs.

This also came with hugs. One of my faculty friends, who is wanting me to author and publish an academic paper with her about a project we worked on, gave this to me. She’s one of the sweetest people ever and no meeting with her ever ends without at least one hug.

One of the work projects has been declared DONE, which has lifted a huge weight off of me. The crazy thing is that it really shouldn’t have been such a big deal, it was a damn 2-page flyer. I used to do those all the time. I have a grad certificate that says I know how to do such things. Whatever, it’s done and it looks amazing.

Today is a doctor day, this time the dermatologist. I like this guy, he’s a hoot. Because I take Humira for my skin issues I have to get blood work done every three months and then I have to go visit him. But the shots are helping so it’s entirely worth it.

Coming up this weekend I’ll have a slumber party with my nieces. They’re coming over Friday night to make Christmas cookies and heaven only knows what else. All I know for sure is that the little one has already claimed her usual spot in my bed. There are definite advantages of being an Auntie with a queen sized bed. Seriously though, how cute are they?

They had a performance last night where they danced, tonight is baton. I love watching these girls do their thing.

I am working on a Very Special and Very Secret Project right now. Wish me luck.

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