kicking it into gear

There’s precious little time left before the holiday and before I leave, and there’s much yet to do. However, tonight is “found time” in that Mom is going to be with my sister making cookies so I’m being left to my own devices to get shit done.

And get shit done I shall.

I saw the dermatologist yesterday and he still assures me that we WILL get rid of this stuff. I’m back up to an injection every week and he’s gotten me a topical antibiotic. Here’s hoping.

I’ve been working on Lancelot’s Christmas present, which will hopefully be finished tonight. I do still have a bit of shopping yet to do but not much. I should probably take inventory of what I have.

Tonight’s plan is finishing some laundry, packing for the weekend (need to drop that bag off tomorrow), mixing up a batch of cookies, and doing my house cleaning stuff. I should probably think about making a batch of coffee. I also need to make sure that my room is ready for the slumber party.

I’m standing up straight. They’re 9 and 11. I will be the short one very quickly. But aren’t they beautiful?


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