grad school, day one

I may have spent a few hours at the lodge’s bar last night, drinking too much whilst having deep (and sometimes not at all deep) conversation with a new classmate. There are three of us who have joined the program this term, all of us doing different tracks. Yesterday was the first day we were here, but only for the evening so I’m counting today as the first real day.

By the way, they called that a Red Julius and it tastes exactly like Hawaiian Punch, which in my world means it tastes like “more.”

Today we had our first peer workshop, first two faculty lectures, and first grad student lecture. I’m on a break now before dinner time. After dinner there are faculty readings and then possibly more time at the bar. I have also been knitting a bit. This place has some amazing public areas with chairs that literally swallow you. It’s awesome.

I haven’t done any writing yet, mostly because I’m starting to question whether I want to stick with my original memoir idea. There are so many different directions I could go in and I’m already getting ideas for alternative ways to approach this. We shall see.

The other big exciting news, at least I think it is, is that Lancelot doesn’t have to work on New Year’s Eve and we’re allowed to leave the lodge as long as we return on time the next day. My plan is to head back home as soon as the last required session wraps up and spend the night with my fella.

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