There’s just a bit of my first residency left. Today was my workshop day. For those of you not familiar with “workshop” in this context it means that your peers and a few faculty members read your writing sample ahead of time and then offer you criticism and feedback.

While you shut the fuck up.

It’s fabulous but kind of hard. We do get to talk at the end, which is good. They mostly had really good things to say. The one faculty member got on my nerves but oh well. I know what my mentor has already said about it so I’m not worried.

I have continued to work on my book and it’s coming along nicely. I got some great feedback yesterday about how I’m doing. I’ll be doing a ton of writing and an equal amount of reading for this.

But it hasn’t all been work.

Sweet Louise, from a distance

closeup of the yarn

I’ve kept this in my backpack and pulled it out to work on between session. It’s been a life-saver.

In all I would say this has been a great experience. The surroundings are beautiful, the people here at the lodge have taken great care of us, and my classmates are an amazing group of people.

My only complaint is that the last few nights I’ve had a family of howler monkeys staying across the hall. At least that’s what it sounds like. I’m retaliating right now with punk polka music. It’s only fair, right?

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