goals for 2019

I was talking to L yesterday, was it yesterday?, maybe. Anyway, we were talking at some point about goals and how I adore setting goals for myself. This is something I was previously quite good about and then, well, life.

So I’m going to try this again. I’ve made myself a little list.

  1. Lose 5lbs / month
  2. Write more pages than required for each MFA packet (minimum of 30 are required)
  3. Finish all of the craft projects on my list as of 1/16/19
  4. Get a new tattoo
  5. Present at a minimum of 3 professional conferences
  6. Pay off all of my credit card debt

Some of these will be happening simultaneously, like the writing and the crafting, while some are more isolated like the tattoo and the presentations. But they’re all going to happen.

They’re going to happen. You hear me? THEY WILL.

I need to start by concentrating on my writing. The first packet is due on January 31st. I’ve been doing some writing but not near enough. Part of what’s implied here, though not explicitly stated, is that I need to figure out a routine for myself. Like pronto.

The craft list right now looks like this:

  • fix the knit vest
  • organize new patterns
  • match patterns with yarn
  • necklace to go with blue shirt (supplies in second drawer)
  • horse shoe suncatchers
  • fingerless gloves for me
  • locket project
  • rose/garnet jewelry set
  • alcohol ink coasters
  • alcohol ink glass balls
  • beaded shawl
  • leaves shawl
  • Sweet Louise shawl

I’m certainly forgetting something, but we’ll call that official.

My intention is to provide a weekly update on progress. I do need a wee bit of time to get myself just a tad more organized but I’m anticipating that I’ll start with the updates on February 1st. Fridays always seem like a good day for these things.

Ever Onward!

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