for my next trick…

That’s the shawl I showed you the other day, but in action. The light in my office, even with the magic sunlamp on, is still shitty. But you get the idea. Plenty of purple and red and magenta and just tons of lovely. And it’s WARM. Almost like wearing a small blanket. My friend Nancy helped me get it readjusted after I took my coat off and commented that my outfit is nice but with the shawl on it’s amazing. (keep in mind that I’m wearing a pretty boring purple sweater, jeans, and brown Ugg-style boots)

At any rate, yay.

Last night I did the grocery shopping for an event we’re doing at work this morning and for the weekend with Lancelot. Somehow I managed to fuck my back up in the process. I has the talents, yo. Anyway, that meant I was in no mood to do homework so I decided to knit. And that meant I had zero interest in working on one of the already named projects that needs to get done. Naturally. So I finished the first 34 row repeat of a lace (ish) shawl that uses a worsted weight yarn and has a leaf motif. It’s going to be stunning. And it’s going to get added to the list. I don’t imagine it will take long, it’s not a terribly large shawl. The yarn though, damn. Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Our weather is about to take a turn for the worse, which is typical for January in Nebraska. I was a little surprised that we stayed open (so far) today given that EVERY FUCKING ONE of the public schools in the area have already closed, but whatevs. I’m leaving after our event this morning. I have homework to do.

Speaking of homework, I’ve got two books to try to get read this weekend plus some writing to do. Plus I need to figure out some easy way to keep track of where I’m making additions in my manuscript so I can monitor not only how many pages I’m adding but also be able to point out to my mentor where those changes are so that he can evaluate them. Oy.

Ever Onward!

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