day one – or is that day two?

Yesterday was a snow day for me, did I mention that? Anyway, we had a rather nasty winter storm and the university closed. I took full advantage of it. But that means my plan to wear a new knit thing every day got bumped just a little. No fear, I’m going to move what I was going to wear yesterday to Saturday. Mom and Lancelot and I are going to see a movie together and that sweater will work just fine. Here’s today’s look…

This is a Nautilus shawl, knit so long ago that I can’t remember the exact yarn I used. It has these great points on it and the movement inherent in the shape is just amazing. I’m keeping it in place with a very neat button brooch I picked up at an art fair before Christmas. This is over a light grey sweater and I have black leggings and tall black boots. Tres chic.

I am back at work today and trying to get things done. Wish me luck!

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