so there I was, hip deep in empty bubble gum wrappers and surrounded by rabid bunny rabbits when suddenly…

Ah, if only my life was anywhere near that exciting…

Actually, yesterday I had a little too much excitement. It’s quite the bad thing when your learning management system all of a sudden “forgets” who was enrolled last semester. Even worse when it forgets last semester AND the current semester. Fortunately our very talented systems people got it fixed. But there was much excitement of the “are you fucking kidding me???” variety yesterday afternoon which is pretty well never the kind I like.

In the “there has to be a silver lining to this fucking shit storm of a day” category, the travel arrangements for my trip to Dubai are starting to come together. That was good. It sounds like if we go with the option I’m voting for I’ll be on a plane for almost 14 straight hours again, but I know I can hack that. No sweat.

I think I mentioned at one point that one of my goals is to write more pages than the required minimum for each MFA packet I submit. I did a quick check this morning and I’ve added more than 30 pages of NEW content. The requirement of 30 pages as set in the assignment includes both revision and new. So I do believe I’m set. Now for the fun (HA!) part – I need to go through the new file and make note of all the changes and new content.  Plus I have to write a critical essay. All of that is due by next Thursday.

I got this.

And now, day two of the “wear something knit” challenge!

This is a very basic top-down raglan sweater with YO increases at sleeves. What you can’t see in this picture is that it’s got short sleeves and it’s cropped. It’s also sloppy as hell. I was not that great with the whole gauge thing. But if I wear it over a shirt that has something on the shoulders it mostly sticks. I love the stripes that the yarn made. It’s a Plymouth wool that was similar to Noro. I would have knit this probably in 2011. It’s a great layering piece for when it’s cold out.

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