all your warms are mine

Eric is a smart kitty. It was just above zero degrees Fahrenheit this morning as I was getting ready for work. Our house is nicely insulated but when it’s that cold, it’s just cold no matter what. So Eric decided that he would make friends with the vent. Smart.

That is the vest. YAY! I did follow a pattern but that spot in the middle where there’s the creative crocheting right now refused to lay flat no matter what I did. So I cut it out, after putting in a life-line where the handspun yarn from my dear friend T started, and then did my crocheting business to fix things. I’m loving it. Very funky, easy to wear, and it’s kind of like a hug. Anyway, totally one of a kind.

Not as impressive from the front view, but here you can kind of see the pretty necklace Lancelot got me. This is raw aquamarine and has a very delicate leaf motif for the top. I love it.

Speaking of my darling man, I get to hang out with him this weekend and I’m quite excited. And I’m continuing my “wear a knit thing” challenge. I’ll try to remember to take pictures. Tomorrow is a green raglan cardigan and then Sunday I’m wearing a shawl that I think y’all have seen before, but not during this challenge so that totally counts.

Stay warm y’all!

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