holy frozen monday

First, my blog hates me. It’s not posting things when it’s supposed to and some of the pictures are showing up ridiculously huge. I am truly sorry. Let me try to distract you with some interesting content that will hopefully publish immediately and with appropriately sized images. I shall try anyway.

Friday night Lancelot and I went for Thai food. I love Thai food. We tried the fried calamari and it was beyond delish.

Saturday’s knit thing was this funky little raglan sweater I made several years ago from yarn Mom got me for my birthday. It’s (I think) Malabrigo Rios, no clue on the color right now other than it’s a blue-ish green that isn’t a solid color. It’s gorgeous and soft and looks great on me.

We started the day with the famous Creme Brulee waffles that started our relationship, always a good thing. The day was spent doing a little shopping, seeing Aquaman with Mom, and then lunch at Lazlo’s, a local restaurant that has amazing food.

Yesterday I did actually wear a shawl, but I didn’t get a picture. Mom and I thought we had tickets to see a play, and we did, but for last week. So we went to lunch and then did a little shopping. But no picture. It was, however, this shawl…

And actually, I wore that same brooch.

Today I have on a new shirt I got yesterday hoping it would work with Sweet Louise. What do you think?

I think it works.

Anyway, busy week ahead. I need to get my homework taken care of by Thursday, I want to have my goals plan ready to unveil on Friday, there’s a therapy appointment today, TSA Pre-check appointment on Wednesday, appointment with an attorney to draw up my estate documents, and Mom has a major eye appointment on Thursday. Oh, and I think I’m getting a haircut. Seriously considering going all purple, just lighter lilac in the front. Time for a tiny change, yo.

Garth is not impressed.

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