love is in the air

I’m actually one who believes that Valentine’s Day isn’t much of a holiday. Why spend $100 on 12 hot-house flowers that don’t smell and shouldn’t be forced to bloom this time of year anyway? Or more than that on heart shaped jewelry that isn’t all that attractive anyway? Nope, not for me. And I told Lancelot this. I am a wee bit practical, sometimes.

He got me the two gorgeous hand-wrapped wire necklaces, one for our anniversary and one for Valentine’s Day, both of which have my birthstone in them. I also got a card this morning that made me cry, happy tears, but still. The pic above is us, in the car this morning. The flower was actually from the coffee shop; they were giving them out this morning.

I love carnations. They do smell, they aren’t crazy expensive, and they last a long time. Quite lovely.

But Lancelot wasn’t content to spoil me with the jewelry and the card, oh no.

I got a box of a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries. I’m not sure if you can see the card or not but it says “It’s a boy!” which is this inside joke with us. Anyway, super yummo and way better than roses.

Things have been going quite well lately. Getting to see him in the mornings is wonderful, though I have to say I’m overdue for a weekend with him. I need time to snuggle.

Work on my memoir is also going well. I managed to get a list of all of the meds I’ve taken from my psych doc so I think that will help.

No rest for the wicked!

2 thoughts on “love is in the air”

  1. All of the things I was going to say in favor of carnations are the things you listed! πŸ™‚ They’re an excellent species of flower.

    Also I quite like this photo of the both of you – you both look so delighted to be together!

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