oh sunshine, why hast thou forsaken me?

I know we spoke on Tuesday but it feels like ages ago. Of course it also feels like ages ago since it was decent outside. I am so fucking over winter that I can taste it. Or is that the breakfast burrito I just ate? Never mind.

I had an appointment with the World’s Best Psych Doc on Tuesday. She agrees that I am not manic but that I would do well to get more sleep. I need some exercise, yes, and I need to give my brain more time to unwind at night. Good point. She’s so smart.

She has also offered to give an hour of her time, off the billable books, to talk about the tidbits in my chart that would be useful for the writing of my memoirs. How amazing is that? (reminder to self – need to schedule that)

Yesterday was both a snow day for us (the university actually announced the closing on Tuesday afternoon, something that is damn near unheard of) but it was also a planned day off for me. Mom had cataract surgery. I went very well and I managed to get us there safely in spite of the 6″ of fresh fucking snow.

Have I mentioned how much I am currently despising snow?

Anyway, I’m waging a protest today. I’m refusing to let this wash of white bring me down one minute more. I am going to be a force of nature, know as Spring, from here on out.

take THAT winter!!!

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