nurse erin

Mom had her second cataract surgery this morning and is doing great. I’ve taken the day off to help take care of her and to get some homework done. She doesn’t require much, I think she might be napping in the other room right now. The homework, on the other hand…

I just shit out a six page critical essay in less than four hours. I think it’s ok, maybe? It should be. I really liked two of the books I read this month, the third one not at all.

Now I need to make sure I actually fixed the stuff my mentor pointed out last time and make notes on where the major additions and changes I made are so that he can find them more easily. And write a cover letter. And then decide what I’m going to focus on next month.

And finish some laundry. And maybe clean the bathroom. And finish packing for the weekend. And water the plants. And…

2 thoughts on “nurse erin”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, AND that you’ve gotten a lot accomplished regarding your homework! I hope your mom’s recovery goes well, and that you’re taking time for some deep breaths and staying hydrated and fed. You can do it!

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