the countdown has begun

Less than two weeks until we leave. I am not feeling very prepared. In all honesty, right now I’m not feeling much of anything.  I think I’m still fighting off some kind of viral nonsense and it’s sucking my will to live like a toddler with a milkshake right before nap time.

It ain’t pretty.

I’m trying to stay on top of my school work, and my stuff around the house, and my tasks at work, and being a good kid for Mom, and being a good girlfriend for Lancelot…

Have you ever watched a circus monkey trying to juggle too many things and they call come crashing down on his head? Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling right now. Too many balls in the air and I’m not handling any of them well at all.

And I’m starting to have issues with the Humira injections. When I first started I didn’t even notice the needle let alone feel the medication going in. Now I feel the poke and it burns. Granted, it takes a whole ten seconds so we’re not talking about hours of agonizing pain. But still. And then the day after I do the injection I get wicked itching, right around the spot the needle went in. I have an appointment when we get back from Ireland so I’ll talk to him about it then.

I have been making reasonable progress with my reading, though I had hoped to be finished with the first book of the month by now. I’d really like to have all of my homework done before we leave but I’m not sure now how realistic that is. I’ll keep trying.

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