tool talk

I’m borrowing these questions from Nothing But Knit.

  • Is there a tool that you own that is your absolute favorite? Which is it? What did you use before you had that tool?

My mom got me a set of Denise Interchangeable Knitting needles ages ago and I still use them. I love being able to have different length cables and all of those needles in such a small space.

  • Is there a tool that you bought that is way less useful than you hoped? Does it detract from your crafting?

I have probably half a dozen of those old red/white row counters that I never use anymore. I have an app on my phone that’s a lot more versatile.

  • Is there a tool that other people think is necessary and you just don’t use it? How do you get around it?

Blocking wires, I’ve never used them. I get around it by selecting patterns that mostly don’t need to be blocked.

  • How do you store your tools? Do they have their own special space?

The needles, and my crochet hooks, are in an old nightstand in the basement. The notions pouch is in the nightstand in my bedroom. The yarn is everywhere.

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