i’m ready for my close-up mr. deville

I have no idea at this point where that comes from. Some movie I think. I’m exhausted so it’s hard to say. I had already worked 40+ hours as of when I left campus at 8:15 last night. But I looked good.

I actually decided I looked good enough that I got my professional head shot taken by the campus photographer yesterday.

This truly is the busiest week of my year, generally speaking, which makes me a little surprised that I had someone flake out on an appointment this morning. I’m not bitching, I put that “found time” to good use. But still, how rude.

I do love my job, I really do. Lancelot keeps telling me how amazing I am at it. My new coworker told me last night that he also thinks I’m pretty fab at it. Nice kid, he thought I looked like I was 34, not 43.

Anyway, all I ever really hope for from the people I help is that they say “thank you” or some variation. After all, once a month I get a paycheck for doing this. But this week I had two ladies who have become friends as well as faculty bring me gifts.

Absolutely stunning, both of them. Hopefully I can keep them alive.

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