The world is full of weirdos, and for some reason they always find me.

I had a professional photo taken at work a few weeks ago. It’s a free service they offer and I looked reasonable that day so I thought, “why not?” It turned out quite nice so I decided to post it on Facebook and on Twitter.

Some random guy send me a tweet saying that I’m beautiful. Why yes, I am, but who the fuck are you? Last I checked Twitter wasn’t a dating platform. Did I miss something? Do I need to specifically say in my profile that I’m “married” so that this doesn’t happen?

Granted, this is the first time (on Twitter) that I’ve run into this. But it happens on Facebook on a fairly regular basis. I won’t use my last name on FB because of it. I don’t use Instagram at all anymore because of creepers.

Maybe it’s innocent. Maybe it’s just a compliment. But the only other tweets this guy has made are to other women saying basically the same thing.

So, I’m gonna go with “creeper.”

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