the love it/hate it installment

I’ve been having some difficulties lately, mostly related to health. My skin had been acting up, my sleep got kind of weird, and then last Thursday my back starting giving me trouble. I ended up almost entirely out of commission for a large chunk of the weekend and then yesterday I waved the white flag and went to see the chiropractor. It’s not as horrible as it could be, but it ain’t good. So I don’t have much to say great today, and that means lists.

Hate It

  • putting on my underwear is a fucking process because I can’t really bend
  • I may have frostbit my ass from sitting with ice packs so much lately
  • I had a wee confrontation with the dermatologist, which I hate (but see below)
  • I’m shaking worse than I maybe ever have before
  • Lancelot is having trouble at his job and it makes me so sad to see him miserable
  • there ain’t a fucking thing I can do about L’s job
  • I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck in a vat of molasses

Love It

  • the molasses feeling is starting to subside; I got a ton of knitting done yesterday
  • I’m down one pill – I got to get rid of the Metformin
  • the psych doc is also doing a little decrease to try to help with the shaking
  • my back is starting to feel better, I know it will be a process
  • L was over the top good to me this weekend and did an amazing job taking care of me
  • Mom has been awesome about taking care of me, too
  • the puppy and my cats are quite entertaining

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