My back isn’t getting any better. This is frustrating me and my chiropractor. He can’t get anything to pop because the muscles are just so damn tight. I’m now doing ice, Tylenol, and exercises with a lacrosse ball. And it still hurts.

But I’m trying, and that’s what matters.

This morning, in spite of the ick, I decided it was time to kick myself in the ass again. I managed to do my normal morning chores, including making my bed, and I finished a shawl. No picture because it was dark and I still need to weave in the ends. But still, progress.

Tonight I’m heading back to the gym to walk the track with Dr. K. Lest ye be worried about my back let me reassure you that walking is actually very good exercise in this case. I’ll be gentle.

Lancelot and I are already talking about weekend plans and those plans include getting some projects done at both my house and his apartment. I’m looking forward to it. I may even try making my shampoo bars.

One thought on “miserable”

  1. My husband uses a lacrosse ball for his back too. He said sometimes it’s the only thing that gets rid of a muscle knot. I hope your back feels better. Mine took a week but I’m still afraid to lift anything:(


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