how to kick my own ass

My back is still sore but might be getting better. This morning the chiropractor did something he called “dry needling” that involved very fine, very long needles that he tapped into the muscle knots and then attached to electrodes. Funky, to say the least. But it seems to have helped. I’m sitting on my ice pack again but I feel reasonable.

Lancelot and I are going out tonight and I’m rather excited. I had to get spiffed up for work today so I’m a little nicer looking than your average Friday. I’m even sporting new jewelry IΒ  made. Most importantly, I’m comfortable.

I’d had the materials to make this set for well over a year, maybe closer to two. The beads and crystals are all a deep garnet and the earrings are identical to the focal rose on the necklace. I think it looks really nice. And yes, that’s a bit of my desk in the background. It’s very eclectic in here, just like me.

Anyway, I’ve got a list of stuff to do that’s roughly a mile long and I have zero desire to do any of it. Story of my life.

8 thoughts on “how to kick my own ass”

      1. Aw, ,thanks Erin! Brooke and I are getting really excited about the craft show next month. It’s so nice that the two of us are doing something creative together. πŸ™‚

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      2. I have everything sitting on the corner of my desk, just waiting for the mail room to open so I can send it. I’m hoping some of what I’m sending can be used for the craft show. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! ❀

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