welcome to the “things I’m not super excited about” episode

I try not to bitch too much. It’s pointless and it just makes my mood even worse, so why bother? But sometimes you just gotta. So here goes…

I have a cyst that is draining, bleeding actually, and it’s in an even worse location than usual. It doesn’t hurt but it’s annoying.

Lancelot is working overtime tomorrow so I won’t get to really see him until Saturday late afternoon. On the plus side with this, I picked him up from work this morning and was informed that I was a “sight for sore eyes.” That was super sweet. And he’s coming up to have lunch with me tomorrow, so that will help.

We’re having a bit of a monsoon. Again. The last thing we need is more rain and yet here it is.

I got up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break and not only did Garth get on my lap but he bit me, in a delicate place. Perv cat.

And the trip to Istanbul is back on. I’m excited, but with the political climate in Turkey right now I’m very cautious about the whole thing. Plus, I’ve got just over a month to get ready. Yikes.

The Stormy Skies shawl seemed appropriate for a stormy day

2 thoughts on “welcome to the “things I’m not super excited about” episode”

    1. Thank you! The pattern is called Stormy Skies and I would have gotten it off Ravelry. The yarn is Stroll Tonal from Knit Picks, Blue Yonder I think. And the funky kitty pin came from my local yarn shop. 🙂

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