cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it

I can’t take credit for today’s title. The young man I work with, the one who is honestly young enough to be my offspring, told me that one the other day. Someone he’s related to – a cousin maybe? – uses that one with her daughter. I like it. And it fits today.

So, if you ever wondered how many containers it took me to make my chai tea this morning the answer is three. One disposable coffee cup to get hot water, one plastic bowl to put the powder in (because I could just scoot it from the jar that I was holding above it, and then the insulated mug that had the hot water in it. I am shaking something fierce right now and I Do Not Like It One Bit. But I managed to do it without asking for help.

In the category of things that I do not find amusing this morning, my new beautiful purple tights started creep down my ass as I was walking into the building this morning. There’s a game of Russian Roulette that you never want to play.

But I’m wearing a new shawl and I look rather fabulous.

I can’t remember the specs for this other than it’s called something like “Garden Shawlette” and it would been available on Ravelry. It has leaves along the edge and it was a very quick knit because it uses worsted weight yarn. I opted for some kind of lovely wool that changes colors. The pin today is a copper rose, hand made, found on Etsy of course.

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