istanbul not constantinople

Have I bothered to mention that the trip to Istanbul is back on? Like, we’re leaving November 13th. The tickets are being purchased this morning, or so I’m told. All I know is that this is not much time to get ready for an international trip – almost five weeks exactly.

So I’m making my packing list, purchasing supplies, trying to get my “poo in a pile” as my pal Dr. K would say. I ordered electrical adapters, which is awesome because now I’ll have three entirely different sets. I also ordered some new pants and a pair of shoes. I’ve done dresses for the last two workshops but decided on tunics and leggings this time. I think it will give me better flexibility for doing things in the evenings.

At any rate, I’m trying not to freak out about any of this and to concentrate on controlling the bits I can. I’ve done this three times already, I might not be an expert but I do at least have some clue as to what the hell I’m doing.

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