the delicate art of saying NO

I am not one who likes conflict, of any sort. I want people to like me and if I can be helpful then I will be. But sometimes that just doesn’t work. This was one of those times.

We had a faculty member come in on Monday wanting us to create a flyer for them for an event. Do I have those skills? Yup. Do I have the time? Not really. Do I have the responsibility for doing this? Not at all.

We have a whole department that does just communication stuff for the university. In fact, this faculty member was wanting to use a template that department had designed. But didn’t want to work with them. So, either they weren’t wanting to play by the branding rules or hadn’t allowed enough time. Either way, not really my problem.

On Monday this person wouldn’t take no for an answer and said they’d come back today so we could work on it, even going so far as to say that I was their “buddy and pal” and could surely do this simple thing. Yes, yes I could, but I don’t do that stuff. So I had been stressing about it, trying to work out how to handle it today.

I did run it by my boss to make sure I had the backing of someone in a higher pay grade than me and he said yes, I was right. Making flyers for anyone other than our own group is outside our scope of responsibility. Done deal.

As soon as the faculty walked in today I started speaking, not letting them have a chance to argue with me.

“I did some checking and we can’t help you with this. You can go to the [communication office] and they can help you but we can’t.”

No argument, no trying to sweet talk me into it. It was just that simple. And let me tell you, it felt fucking fabulous.

In other news, the new pants and shoes fit great. I’ve got just about everything assembled that I need. I’ll be doing a practice pack soon but I think I’m in good shape.

Now, does anyone have a suggestion for something interesting to do with a 200yd skein of lightweight silk yarn?

2 thoughts on “the delicate art of saying NO”

  1. Saying no is an art! It’s also very freeing:)
    I did a quick search on Ravelry for silk, light fingering and 175-200 yds. There are some nice cowls, mitts and hat patterns. My suggestion though is Flower Scarf by Robyn Diliberto. It’s a collar fitting right around the neck with a flower with a button at the center. It looks like a very wearable accessory.

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