is it really time for an intervention?

This morning I got up at the ass-crack of dawn as usual but today I actually had some energy. I decided to capitalize on that. Between 4:30am and 6:30am I managed to…

  • empty the dishwasher
  • drink a giant cup of cocoa
  • brew a pot of cherry blossom green tea for today (that unfortunately looks like piss in a cup, but it tastes excellent)
  • put away a basket of laundry
  • make my bed
  • finish knitting a washcloth
  • unpack a bag of assorted crap that was mostly left from the trip to Istanbul
  • unpack several project bags from knitting projects that were long since finished
  • put away the bag of yarn I bought last weekend
  • empty the cat box

I am a force to be reckoned with today. The trend has continued at work. I’m working my way through projects and tasks with reckless (though precise) abandon.

So, the intervention. Yeah, well, when I put that bag of yarn away I had a difficult time finding a safe (read: cat proof) place to stash it. And I found more yarn that I’d forgotten about.

I’ve realized that I likely have a large collection of skeins that I’ve forgotten about and that my storage “solutions” aren’t working well. Actually, they aren’t working at all.

One of my projects for the holiday break is to drag all of my yarn, every last ball and skein, out of hiding and get an accurate inventory. I’m envisioning a beautiful Excel spreadsheet, and maybe pictures. Yes, definitely pictures. Once I know what I have I can figure out what I need to store it better. I’m thinking maybe something like this 3-drawer clear cart thing at Target.

I’d need a few, almost certainly. My biggest issue right now is that my sister’s crap has taken over the basement at our place while her family is building a new house. So we’ll have to see.

But I think the clear drawers would be helpful. And I would of course group my yarn by weight, and then make cute labels for each drawer.

Ok, ya know what, Lancelot is right. It’s time for the intervention…

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