the force is strong with this padwan

Yeah, probably didn’t spell that right. Really don’t care.

Mom and I will have my nieces on Monday and we’ve decided to take them Christmas shopping. Mom gets E and they’re going to some clothing store. I get A. I had assumed she would want to go to a toy store for Legos or some kind of Pokemon crap. We were talking about it at dinner last night between baton recitals. When A found out she got to go ANYWHERE her little 10 year old heart desired she uttered a sentence that warmed my soul.

“Aunt Erin, I want to get yarn and I want to go to the place where you go to get your yarn.”

Is there a sweeter thing a little girl could say?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. My LYS is absolutely amazing. We shall have a fabulous time.

Speaking of fabulous…

I’m finally wearing the shawl I started on our Ireland trip earlier this year. It’s fastened with a Celtic shawl pin that Lancelot got for me at a bead show. So far this has been a damn fine day.

3 thoughts on “the force is strong with this padwan”

  1. What a way to win an aunt’s heart. I felt that way when my daughter wanted to go fabric shopping with me but she wasn’t 10 at the time. She probably sees the beautiful things you make and wants to do it herself. It’s always good to expose children to all kinds of creative endeavors and all kinds of foods and experiences. Love the colors and pattern in the shawl and the pin is very unusual and striking.


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