quick update

I am not yet dead, nor do I plan to be any time soon. I’ve just been busy. In my defense I’ve finished damn near everything I had on my “winter holiday to do” list, including taking an inventory of my entire yarn stash.

Yes, the Entire Stash. Don’t look at me like that. If Lancelot thinks he needs to stage an intervention I want to make sure it’s truly justified. And let me tell you, it 100% is NOT. I have fewer than 100 skeins of yarn and many of them are partials.

But I digress. I will hold to the plan of not buying any more yarn in the new year unless I somehow manage to knit and/or crochet all of what I have on hand before December 31, 2020.

I plan to put together a bit of a “Year is Retrospect” kind of post but today is not that day. Let me distract you with a few choice photos instead.

L and I on Christmas Eve. He’s quite the silly boy, but he’s my silly boy and I love him. He got me some truly gorgeous necklaces this year.

The fuzzballs love to play. Except Eric. Eric is like the grumpy old man of the group.

Garth is ridiculously adorable. He got up on top of the microwave the other morning and was just being cute. I managed to catch him with his little tongue hanging out.

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