what to make of this new situation…

So the shawl is now going to be a scarf, and that’s fine. I think it will be lovely. I’m still working on the striped shawl but it’s going to be finished soon. I haven’t made any more progress on the fingerless mitts for my friend at work, those should probably be next. And I had told my mom I’m going to make another hat for her. All of this, plus some of the other stuff going on, is resulting in a bit of this…

I don’t work well when there’s chaos, either in my surroundings or in my head. Right now I’m dealing with it being mostly in my head.

The stress at work is unpleasant, though not unbearable. The inability to make up my mind about my knitting isn’t unusual, but it is annoying. And then there are money issues.


So I’m trying to stay on top of the clutter. I did laundry last night. I worked on that shawl/scarf thing. I made my bed this morning, something that always makes me feel better. And I made a phone call that I wasn’t looking forward to but really needed to be done.

One step at a time, right?


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