that was not what I expected

This picture of the boys wrestling on my bed the other day pretty well sums up how I feel right now. It’s a whole lot of “what the everloving fuck is going on here?” Not that I have my ass in the air like poor Eric, but still.

I’m still fighting off some kind of upper respiratory nonsense. No fever and no nasty cough, thank dog, but I do have some sinus issues and I’m tired. Like all the time I’m tired. There’s no such thing as enough sleep right now.

On the positive side I’m making strides towards finishing a few projects. I have a thing that was supposed to be a shawl but will end up being a scarf, and now I not only have a plan but all of the materials to finish it. I’m also just about done with the really basic striped shawl. I’m anticipating it will be done maybe tonight.

Yesterday morning I started an entrelac scarf. I’m using yarn that’s much thinner than called for, fingering instead of aran, but it’s going to be lovely. I had forgotten how delightfully soothing entrelac can be. I still need to re-write the pattern for the mitts for K. I know once I do those aren’t going to take long.

In the “more good news” category, the money issues weren’t actually issues. I had noticed something odd on the pay deposit for tomorrow’s check that made no sense to me and I was afraid it was a mistake. But it’s not, and that makes me happy. So between finally getting paid for the last of the grant expenses and getting my federal taxes back already I’ll be paying off damn near everything I owe except the car, my big card, and my student loans.

I am beyond excited about this.

And tonight is hair night, and that’s incredibly exciting this time. I’m actually going back to my current natural color. It’s silver. Seriously. And it’s going to get cut shorter. This is going to be fun.


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