of frogs and knights and other things that go bump in the dark

I might just be a tiny bit obsessed with Baby Yoda. Just a tiny bit. I can’t help it, the little fucker is just so damn cute.

The creatures are also very cute. Pippy likes to chew on Garth. The other day she figured out how to hold him down on the bed and chew on his toe-beans. I’ve tried explaining “consent” to her but it’s not working.

Valentine’s Day was last Friday and I have to say, Lancelot outdid himself. We went out for a lovely dinner of Mexican food and margaritas, I got a very sweet card, and he got me a Lovebook. It’s a book that has little cartoon figures of us and he picked out all of the sweet things his character said about mine. I damn near cried.

So those things were all good. Feeling crushed by work is not so good. I’m trying though. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been feeling great, or that I have to go get my second pneumonia shot this afternoon. But I have discount chocolate so I’ll persevere.

She crawled into the sink all by herself, I have no idea what the fuck was up with that.

3 thoughts on “of frogs and knights and other things that go bump in the dark”

  1. Myles doesn’t get the consent thing either:) He’ll lick anyone at any time. It’s disconcerting to say the least:)
    That man of yours is a complete keeper. Be sure you hold him in place:)
    I think when personal life is going well, work life has to be tough. Or the reverse. It’s just the universe balancing things out.

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