what is normal anymore?

I get up around 4:30am, like normal. I make a cup of coffee, like normal.

That’s pretty much where any resemblance to my old existence ends.

I might watch a little news, though honestly I don’t remember the last time I did. I might get the dishwasher emptied, though often that waits until closer to my lunch break. I shower and put on comfy clothes, something I used to only do on the weekends. I go pick up Lancelot, which is typical, except I never used to have to drive through a check point.

And then I get home and work in my basement, using two laptops instead of one with two additional monitors (so much nicer), and I don’t usually actually see another person in the flesh until dinner time.

This is not a great arrangement for me. I’m not terribly extroverted but I do enjoy the company of people, nice people anyway. I miss my friends. I miss the distraction of someone walking into my office just to shoot the shit for a few minutes. I miss being able to share my happys and sads with them. Fuck, I miss having a reason to wear nice clothes and put on makeup.

I’m glad that I’m safe (so far) and that no one I love has gotten ill, please don’t get me wrong. But I’m going to have to figure out what I need to do to keep from going completely bat-crap crazy. Suggestions are welcome.

4 thoughts on “what is normal anymore?”

  1. My daughter’s office is using Slack to chat throughout the day. She said there is water cooler type chat at lunchtime when they all eat together. Can you set up something like that for your workmates?
    Things are so not normal here. They just extended the stay at home advisory to May 4. I won’t be surprised if that gets extended to the end of May before May even arrives.
    Stay well:)


    1. We use Slack too and typically have a team meeting over Zoom everyday. Yesterday we did a virtual happy hour over Zoom and that was kind of great. It’s just not quite the same. We haven’t been on lockdown yet but I imagine that’s coming.

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  2. My daughter says she is uniquely wired to work at home. She loves being left alone all day with Anime the background. Breakfast and lunch are in her room, in bed with the laptop and phones. I’d be more like you with the need for people around, some. I think that’s why I keep the television on so it sounds like someone is in the house with me. Not everyone does well with work at home. I wish I had some tricks for you. This isn’t going away overnight. Best of luck with it.


    1. I do keep music playing most of the time, it’s something I do at the office as well. Having an official work area at home seems to help some. The longer I have to do it the more ways I find to make it tolerable.

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