life is just plain interesting

First things first, the recipe from yesterday turned out phenomenal. This was chicken tenderloins, Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce, and a 20 oz can of pineapple tidbits. I made some regular old while rice and put in some ginger and served it over that. Super tasty. It met with Lancelot’s approval this morning.

Pippy was just pissed that I refused to share with her. Tonight’s menu selection is baked pasta with Italian sausage red sauce. And cheese, lots of cheese.

So things have been pretty good around here, a little light on the sleep but otherwise not too shabby. My mom is getting married in June and I am beyond excited for her. Earlier this year Lancelot had indicated that he wanted to get married, but wasn’t sure when he would ask. The time had to be right.

I waited. And I waited some more. And then this morning…

The wedding will be at the courthouse (almost certainly) on August 12th, our two year anniversary.

5 thoughts on “life is just plain interesting”

  1. Congrats! I’m so happy for you!

    Unrelated: I’ve been REALLY neglecting my blog and have probably only read 3 posts on the blogs I follow in the last…two years? Ugh.
    BUT get this weirdness: All of them included life-changing news! Of all the notifications I get (like 215 unread emails I came to the post announcing your engagement?! So I totally agree, life is just plain interesting.

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